Safaris Chelet, propietary Company best in Bongo, Western Roan. Western & Dwarf Buffalo...  All:***“Shot opportunity guarantee”***

During 11 years passed between 12 to 14 hunters per concession, for example, 100 % of Bongo during 9 years, that means more than 108 Bongos successfully. Our hunt is very sporting, collaborative and we try to make for you the best time as possible in dedication to our sports, in an ethic and correct way.

Here you can find information by the direct way and answers to your questions. Our hunting destinies: Benin (Roan...), Cameroon Rain Forest (Bongo...) and Cameroon Savanna (Lord Derby...), at the moment the hunting grounds are marvelous, very well cared and with excellent references. All our PH, come from Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.. With well-known prestige.