7 days Safari Bongo. (Only July 2012 - 2013). 1 hunter X 1 Professional Hunter. Prioritary Trophie: Bongo. "Shot Opportunity Guarantiee": BONGO

Although Cameroon hunting seasons are mostly standard, they are dictated by weather. General hunting in the Forest region is March through July.


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The organization of the hunting parties

Professional hunter/s, fully licensed professional hunters.

Accommodation and meals at the camp (full board)

Full field preparation of trophies, dipping, packing and crating of trophies



  • Costs Airport, process Police and Customs: _______*
  • Air charter Douala-Camp-Douala. Price: ______ *Optional: minimum 2 hunters. Charter flights are with preestablished dates.
  • Transportation by road with first-rate vehicles: ________
  • Scheduled flight costs between home city and Cameroon (Douala)
  • Hotels, meals or international travel expenses prior to the arrival at the safari camp *.
  • Passport, visa and other necessary documents
  • Trophy fees on animals taken or wounded and lost (to be paid locally in Euros), and __% governmental tax.
  • Big game hunting license (________per hunter)
  • Preparation for transport, sanitary certificates and transport of trophies to Douala (to be paid locally), __________ per hunter.*
  • Guns: __/Day                Ammunition: ____
  • Drinks at the camp, only as far as refreshments and alcoholic beverages are concerned * (Alcoholic beverages in moderation)*
  • Personal obligatory insurance for Cameroon (Responsibility civil) and emergency medical evacuation insurance.
  • Observer fees ____/day per observer.
  • Tips to camp staff or professional hunters.*(change into the local currency in Douala, before coming to the camp)
  • ***These fees which are “not included” in the Base Safari Rate are paid either in camp prior to the conclusion of the safari, or upon safari completion based on actual cost incurred. For example, trophy fees, gratuities and trophy transport must be paid at completion of safari.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: 50% when Safari is booked (signature) and the remaining 50% 2 weeks before hunting starts.

TROPHY FEES 2012 -2013



Forest Eléphant (Pré-Cite & 21 day required)*********

Not Included


Dwarf Forest Buffalo

Not Included

Forest Sitatunga

 Not included

Red River Hog -Potamochoerus porcus

Not Included

Duiker de Peter. Peter's Duiker


During the Bongo Hunting

Gabon Duiker (white-bellied duiker)

During the Bongo Hunting

Blue Duiker

During the Bongo Hunting

Black-fronted Duiker

During the Bongo Hunting

Bay Duiker

During the Bongo Hunting

Bates’ Pygmy Antelope

During the Bongo Hunting

Giant Forest Hog

Not Included



·         *All species are subject to quota. Please advise your requirements before booking.

·         A double trophy fee is applicable for females and wounded animals of all species.

·         Freight costs for trophies to final destination from Paris are for the client's account. And also the customs duty of your country and Europe. The company will inform the client about the trophy transport with the documents and the name of the shipping agent at Paris arrival. Since that moment the client will be responsible of the trophies and he/she must designate a new shipping agent to arrange the trophies until your home.

·         Euros/ $USA in cash should be brought to cover the cost of your trophy fees at the camp.

·         Trophy fees and animals allowed on license are controlled by the Government and are subject to change without prior notice. Any increase will be charged to the client.

·         Change Euro /Dollar USA : Application the official exchange rate bank, at the time of the safari.


·         1st Day: Arrival at Douala. Collection upon arrival at the airport and assistance with entry formalities. Transfer to the hotel.

·         2nd Day: Transfer to your camp destination. Departure for the base camp in a small private aircraft; we suggest you wear comfortable clothes for the journey, the price is included.

·         1ª -7º Day .Hunting Days: Stay at camp full board.

·         Next: Day. Transfer from the camp to the airport.


Ngoko Safaris recommends that clients arrive in Douala 48 hours before the departure of the airplane charter from Douala to Camp Lobeke. Air charter flights from/to Douala and the hunting camp are by twin-engine aircraft on scheduled dates.

Accommodations don't only include luxury cabins, with running water, but one will have the pleasure to taste some delicious dishes from trophies taken, great bananas, mangos, and enormous avocados.


***“Shot opportunity guarantee”***
Safaris Chelet guarantees that the hunter will have at least one, fair chance shot-opportunity to take a good trophy of the priority species during the safari according to the following limitations:


Safari Trophy: 7 day                           “Shot opportunity guarantee”:   Bongo


This guarantee is only valid if:  

The hunter is capable and willing to walk up to 5 km per day, each day of the hunt.                                                                                                                               

The hunter has followed the reasonable instructions of the Professional Hunter.


If a hunter fulfills the requirements of the guarantee and still does not have at least one fair shot opportunity at a trophy specimen of the chosen priority specie during the hunting safari, Safaris Chelet will offer the hunter a repeat safari or adding more days at the camp. 

Costs will be: Charter, hunting License and Section of not included.